eLearning - Protected Species Workshop

elearning demo of sharks module

Online learning created for NOAA's protected species workshop. NOAA/PIRO requested a vehicle for instructing Pacific Ocean fishermen how to recognize two species of endangered sharks, awareness of the USA fishing laws concerning these sharks, and steps to take if encountering these sharks on fishing excursions. It needed to be short, have audio narration, and include a quiz at the end of the unit. NOAA personnel provided the script and a few of the images. We used Articulate Storyline 2 to create this seven-minute module, which is part of a larger course that educates fishermen about requirements for interacting with several other protected species.


Presentation - Hug Your Customers

elearning demo of Hug Your Customer

This project was a corporate initiative to get employees excited about customer service and to deliver the message in a quick and engaging way. Key points from the book, Hug Your Customers, were used along with an upbeat sound track and compelling imagery to move the message forward.


Interactions - Native Intelligence, Inc.

elearning demo of interactions

Interactivity in training courses has become an area of high priority in the online learning community. For Native Intelligence, Inc. we developed some interactions that can be customized and inserted into security awareness training programs.